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for starters, wear your FAVORITES! everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. from there, we suggest that you go with 5 to 6 different looks. bring more than you think you will need. just bring it IRONED! and on HANGERS! if it's about who you are at this point in your life or who you want to be - then bring it!!!!

something Classy…that will look good years from now. the timeless outfit, suitable for the yearbook and grandparents.

something Casual –Urban…whatever you wear every day, your look.

something Crazy & Trendy…fun, wild, whatever, clothing... bring a variety of color and clothing for all seasons. trendy, solid tees, sweaters, jeans, button down shirts, and winter coats! you're not gonna forget your sunglasses, are you? anything works!

something Black & something White… a solid dark long sleeve top (hat and sunglasses are a great addition to this look) & bring a solid white ¾ or long sleeve white top and your favorite jeans.

something for Outdoors… anything goes. Wear an outfit that you love and feel good in. don’t forget the accessories.

something Dressy… let me repeat that. something Dressy. we can get the coolest dress shots so bring 'em ladies! and don’t forget those high heels.


collections… accessories, lots of them and yes, shoes and purses count.

hair... nothing radically different. If you want a second look we suggest scheduling an additional session.

nails... they will be in some shots, have them done!
make up... girls we like an extra application of mascara, bring powder and lipstick for touch up.

brows and facial hair... remove any unwanted brow and facial hair

tanning... avoid being overly tanned for your skin type as it will add weight to your face. Also avoid sunburns, uneven spray tans and tan lines.

bumps and blemishes... we remove them all, No Worries!