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This is just a quick overview to give you an idea of how we do things here. It's a little different, but we're okay with that. We're pretty sure you will be too.

Schedule a consultation...

At your consultation we will get to know you. We like to know your style, personality, and how you would like to be photographed. We will also show you samples of all our products from our handmade custom AMAZING albums, to our mini canvases and image panels, and much more! It's also your opportunity to view the quality of our images in person. Once you’ve seen what we have to offer, it's time to choose what type of session you would like, and give us a general idea of the products that appeal to you. This will allow us to cater your session perfectly to complete your unique works of art. We will also spend time talking about clothing and accessories to complete the many looks you will have during your session. This will also be the perfect time to ask any and every question you might have. We are more than happy to answer them!

The day of your session...

You'll have a great time. Depending on your needs we will spend up to 2.5 hours in the studio, on location or maybe even wandering the back streets of Nashville or Franklin. We suggest you bring lots of outfits and we'll prioritize from there. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. This is supposed to be about you, so be sure to bring anything that fits the description, from cool restored cars, four wheelers to guitars, video cameras, sports gear... you get the idea. Your job is to be you. Ours is to make you feel comfortable and capture those images.

One to two weeks later...

You'll return to the studio for your View & Order Appointment. Here, you'll see the select images from your session and will place your order. We ask that anyone involved in the decision making process be present (and anyone who's not, well, not be...) This usually takes about an hour or so. There is an area for younger children (or ones who act like it) to watch a video or play with some games, but if possible, we've found you'll enjoy the time more without interruption.


1. When should I get my senior portraits taken? That depends on a couple of things. If you want pretty flowers and green grass, Winter would not be a very good choice. If you would like to goof around and maybe even take a little road trip, Winter would be an excellent time. In our experience, the schedule for September thru November is INSANE! We will be offering some incentives for sessions from June thru August. It really just depends on what you're looking for.

2. What to wear? This is the fun part. Pick outfits that showcase who you are. Go shopping! Check out the Style Guide we have posted here on the website or check out some suggestions on our Pintrest.

3. Who to bring? One or two people ONLY. We want to concentrate on you and getting you the best possible images. Too many people in the studio will distract from that goal. Most seniors bring their mom or dad, many come alone. Please leave boyfriends and girlfriends at home. If you want images together, schedule a friends session at a later time.

4. What props to bring? Less is more! Don't try to bring everything. Bring the items that mean the most to you. A special trophy, a meaningful jersey, or a favorite item that showcases who you are.

5. What about pets? Pets are welcome to join you. We ask that they stay outdoors and you bring someone along to 'babysit' the pet while we focus on you. Cats and small dogs are welcomed in the studio in a pet carrier.

6. Can I bring my car? Absolutely! Make sure it is clean from dirt. Dirt and dust on the vehicle will show up in the image.

7. How early should I arrive? 10 minutes is early enough. This will give you time to check in and relax a moment before we get started. DO NOT BE LATE! If you are 10-15 minutes late that really takes away from your session time.

8. Do GUYS actually do this? Yep... we're talking about Senior Portraits, not a root canal! The guys just don't tend to bring as many clothes. If you've seen our work, you know that they're not the same old Senior Portraits.

9. What about rain? Don't cancel! We have tons of variety indoors. We will talk to you about outdoor options when you arrive.

10. YIKES! I have a blemish! It's OK! We will take care of retouching and make sure you look unbelievable in your finished images.

11. I have ideas... GREAT! We would love to hear them at the consultation. Please do not bring a list of what your friends did for their senior portraits. We will not do it. We treat everyone as an individual. We want to hear your ideas about your session, but we won't copy what someone else had. This session is about YOU. We want to make your images show who you are.